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Siding is an essential part of every home. It disposes of rainwater, protects your house and its walls, and insulates the inside of your home. It is crucial not only to protecting your home from the elements, but also to giving it a unique and personal aesthetic touch.

Siding Installation

At Elite Exteriors, we understand what your home means to you. Your siding is one of its most fundamental aesthetic components, so we work to provide you with an installation that perfectly complements your taste and style while still doing what it is supposed to: shedding off water and insulating your house. Because siding is so vital to the home you hold dear, we guarantee the quality of our work to be second to none. Look no further than the siding experts at Elite Exteriors for installations that both inspire and protect! We are capable of installing siding in any variety of materials, including the following:

  • Most affordable option
  • Very low-maintenance
  • Multiple color choices available
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
  • Both Dutch lap & straight lap design
    (Hardie Board)
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Relatively low-cost
  • Factory finish remains intact for the siding's entire lifespan
  • Lifetime manufacturer's warranty
Fiber Cement
  • Wooden appearance with customizable textures
  • Durable and resistant to termites and water
  • Energy efficiency due to insulation
  • Up to 25 year manufacturer's warranty on fabric paint
Stone Veneer
  • Lightweight, don't require footings or foundations
  • Attractive and aesthetic in appearance
  • Variety of colors and shapes for customization
  • Durable

Each installation is designed to endure weather-induced expansion and contraction, and may be also customized with overlapping or sealed joints, insulated siding, and rainscreens.

Storm Damage Siding Repair

Extreme weather — and hail in particular — can tear off or puncture your home's siding, but the damage can also go undetected. Water may leak into and get trapped behind it, leading to mold growth, damaged caulking, and warping. By the time you notice, not only will the damage be done and more costly to repair, but your insurance company may not be willing to cover it! Call Elite Exteriors at any time to get a free inspection — whether or not you suspect them to be damaged by a storm! With quality and professionalism that are second to none, we're your full-service solution for all roofing and siding needs! VIEW OUR PROJECT GALLERY

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